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NSO Projects - ongoing collaborative activities
NameDescription AgeTime
Asteroid Watch The aim of this project is for you to help find and track Near Earth Objects (NEOs for short) so that if any are likely to hit us, we can try and stop them. 11-19 Ongoing
Astronomy Activities - self-contained lessons
NameDescription AgeTime
Moonsaic : 1 - 4Assemble some mosaics of the Moon at different phases 7-141 hour
Hunting for AsteroidsDetect and calculate the velocity of nearby asteroids 7-161 hour
Lunar CratersInvestigate cratering on the surface of the Moon 7-161 hour
Quiz CornerA few quizzes to test your knowledge of astronomy 11-1615 mins
3-Colour ImagingLearn about creating 3-colour images using LTImage 11-181 hour
Gravity WorkshopSee how the effect of gravity changes on different planets 14-191 hour
Galaxy ClassificationIdentify the different types of galaxy in the Universe 14-191 hour
Seeing WorkshopInvestigate why stars twinkle and why it's a problem 14-191 hour
Stellar SpectroscopyAnalyse the spectra of stars and classify them 14-1990 mins
Sunspots WorkshopLook for patterns in surface activity on the Sun 14-191 hour
Jupiter's DayUsing the Great Red Spot to measure a day on Jupiter 11-161 hour
Tides WorkshopDiscover what causes the tides in Earth's oceans 14-191 hour
GCSE Astronomy - suitable for controlled assessment
NameDescription AgeTime
B1 - Lunar Features Produce a series of telescopic photographs of three lunar surface features. Use them to show their changing appearance at different lunar phases. GCSE 6 hours
B11 - Image Messier ObjectsUse a robotic telescope to produce detailed photographs of at least three Messier or NGC catalogue objects. GCSE 6 hours
Maths & ICT - astronomy activities with an emphasis on these subjects
NameDescription AgeTime
Weight on PlanetsSee how your weight varies on different planets 11-141 hour
Jupiter's DayCalculate the length of a day on Jupiter 11-161 hour
Astronomy TimelineCreate a timeline of famous astronomical figures 11-161 hour
Lunar MountainsCalculate the height of a mountain on the Moon 14-161 hour
Speed of PlanetsCalculate the speed of planets in the Solar System 14-161 hour
Weighing the UniverseEstimating the weight of the Universe 14-161 hour
Barnard's StarCalculate the distance and velocity of Barnard's Star 14-181 hour