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Galaxy Classification Workshop

Name : Galaxy Classification

Description :

The Galaxy Classification Workshop is a self-contained Keystage 4 and 5 workshop where students will use images from the Liverpool Telescope and classify the galaxies they see in them. The main focus of the activity is for students to consider the quality of the classification scheme that is used (the Hubble Classification Scheme) and consider how it might be improved.

Age Range : 14 - 19 years

Workshop Time : 1 hour

Galaxy Classification


Before starting the workshop, you will first need to download the introductory presentation, a student worksheet, a galaxy list and 26 image files:

Introductory Presentation : MS PowerPoint or PDF Format

Student Worksheet : PDF Format

Data Files :

Galaxy List: MS Excel Format Excel

The following ZIP file contains all of the galaxy images you need.

Galaxy Images: ZIP File ZIP

However, if you are unable to download or unpack ZIP files on your system, you will need all of the following.

Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4 Image 5 Image 6
Image 7 Image 8 Image 9 Image 10 Image 11 Image 12
Image 13 Image 14 Image 15 Image 16 Image 17 Image 18
Image 19 Image 20 Image 21 Image 22 Image 23 Image 24
Image 25 Image 26