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Jupiter's Day

Name : Jupiter's Day

Description :

In this activity images of Jupiter taken at intervals are used to measure the position of the Great Red Spot as Jupiter rotates on its axis.  From these images the rotation period of the planet (i.e. its day) can be calculated.

Age Range : 11 - 16 years

Workshop Time : 1 hour

LT image of the planet Jupiter


For this activity you will need to download the activity sheets, together with two images of Jupiter. Ideally you would analyse the images with LTImage, but there are alternatives mentioned in the notes document.

Activity Notes : PDF Format

Measuring Angles : PDF Format

Calculations Help Sheet : PDF Format

LTImage Video Tutorial (includes a section on measuring distances at 1m 35s) : Stream / Download

Image Files :

17-Dec-2012 at 2124 UTC  - FITS / PNG

17-Dec-2012 at 2229 UTC  - FITS / PNG

17-Dec-2012 at 2322 UTC  - FITS / PNG