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Lunar Craters Workshop

Name : Lunar Craters

Description :

The Lunar Craters workshop is a Keystage 2/3/4 activity to investigate the distribution of craters on the Moon's surface. After assembling a mosaic of a quarter-phase Moon, students will be asked to select a number of regions to analyse in more depth, by estimating the number and size of craters visible within them. The estimates for the different regions will then be compared and an assessment made about the degree of cratering across the lunar surface.

Age Range : 7 - 16 years

Workshop Time : 1 hour

Image of some craters on the Moon's surface


For the activity, you will need to download the activity presentation and a set of JPEG images of the Moon.

Activity Presentation: MS PowerPoint

Data Files :

Moonsaic 2A mosaic of a Quarter Phase Moon 20 JPEGsFeb 2007 Data for Download