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Seeing Workshop

Name : Seeing Workshop

Description :

The Seeing Workshop is a self-contained Key Stage 3, 4 and 5 workshop. Students will be introduced to the concept of astronomical seeing and how it affects the quality of astronomical images. The causes of seeing are discussed and students are presented with a selection of images taken under different conditions and are asked to chose which images have been taken under the best seeing conditions. This leads to discussion on how best to identify the effects of seeing in an image and how scientists take seeing into account.

Age Range : 11 - 19 years

Workshop Time : 1 hour

How Light is Affected by the Atmosphere


Before starting the workshop, you will first need to download an introductory presentation and 30 image files:

Introductory Presentation : MS PowerPoint or PDF Format

Data Files :

The following ZIP file contains all of the image files you need:

All Images: ZIP File ZIP

However, if you are unable to download or unpack ZIP files on your system, you will need all of the following EXCEL files:

M76-1 M76-2 M76-3 M76-4 M76-5 M76-6
Moon-1 Moon-2 Moon-3 Moon-4 Moon-5 Moon-6
NGC2776-1 NGC2776-2 NGC2776-3 NGC2776-4 NGC2776-5 NGC2776-6
NGC6888-1 NGC6888-2 NGC6888-3 NGC6888-4 NGC6888-5 NGC6888-6
Saturn-1 Saturn-2 Saturn-3 Saturn-4 Saturn-5 Saturn-6