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Variable Star Monitoring

Variable Star Animation
Variable Star Animation

A star is classed as variable if its brightness (as seen from Earth) changes over time. These changes can result from physical variations in the amount of energy being emitted by a star, or from starlight being blocked by an orbiting object such as a companion star or planet.

The purpose of this project is to work together to investigate and classify the type of variation seen in a number of targets. Note that many of these targets have not been observed in any great detail, so the results we obtain will be a significant contribution to our planet's scientific knowledge. This is real science in action!

The following sections will guide you through the process of analysing variable star observations and enable participants to make a genuine contribution towards the final result.

Introduction to Variable Stars

Learn how to analyse observations and create light-curves

Apply this knowledge to the Variable Star workshop

Analyse new data and submit your results - Coming soon