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Variable Star Workshop

Name : Variable Star Workshop

Description :

The Variable Star workshop is a Keystage 4/5 activity to record and plot the changes in brightness of a variable star. By conducting a series of measurements using the LTImage image processing software, students will create a light-curve of brightness against time, and use their results to identify the type of variable star that was observed. This activity uses the analysis of real data to improve ITC skills, and to further your student's understanding of the life cycle of a star.

Age Range : 14 - 19 years

Workshop Time : 1 hour

Impression of an Eclipsing Binary Star


For this activity, you will need to download the activity presentation and a set of 36 observations to be analysed using LTImage.

Activity Presentation: MS PowerPoint [4.2 MB]

Data Files :

Data Set 1Un-declared Variable Star 36 Observations26 July 2010 Data for Download