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3-Colour Imaging  :  Activity
Archive of Observations  :  Activity
Asteroid Watch  :  Activity
Astronomy Timeline  :  Activity
AstroTour: Activities  :  Activity
B1 - Lunar Features  :  Activity
Barnard's Star  :  Activity
GCSE Astronomy  :  Activity
Go Observing  :  Activity
Go Observing  :  Activity
Gravity Workshop  :  Activity
How to spot Asteroids  :  Activity
Hunting for Asteroids  :  Activity
Jupiter's Day  :  Activity
Lunar Craters Workshop  :  Activity
Lunar Mountains Activity  :  Activity
Moonsaic  :  Activity
Seeing Workshop  :  Activity
Stellar Spectroscopy  :  Activity
Submit your Observations  :  Activity
Sunspots Workshop  :  Activity
Tides Workshop  :  Activity
Variable Star - Analysis  :  Activity
Variable Star Monitoring  :  Activity
Variable Star Workshop  :  Activity
Weighing the Universe  :  Activity
Weight on Planets  :  Activity


Please note that over the weekend of the 26-29th May 2017 we will be switching over to our brand new website - during this time there may be periods where the site is difficult to access, and users will be unable to request observations from the telescope. Please bear with us during this time. All should be back up and running by the 30th May 2017.