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Image of the Month - November 2016

November 2016





21/10/2016 - 23:43 GMT

Liverpool Telescope

Kirklees College

The Image of the Month for November was sent to us by a teacher at Kirklees College. Their students observation of Messier 76 (M76) or the Little Dumbbell Nebula is a wonderful example, taken in very good conditions, or with good/low "seeing". This in another planetary nebula, which are always popular to observe, as they are some of the most beautiful objects in space. They are created in the final stages of a low mass star, like our Sun's life, when the star begins to collapse and form a white dwarf in the centre, ejecting the rest of the material into space. The white dwarf star left at the centre is very dense, with a mass similar to the Sun but the size of planet Earth!

Messier 76
Download LTImage observation: 11634E000.hfit
Full size jpg of Messier 76


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